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Voice Actor

Comedian, Actor & Voiceover Artist

British Male Voice Actor Seanie Ruttledge

Hi there! I'm Sean Ruttledge, a London UK based British male comedian, actor and award winning voiceover artist, I work globally from my home voice-over studio and locally from all the London VO recording studios.

As a professional MVO artist I have
amassed over 2 decades of experience voicing TV & Radio commercials, trailers and promos, often in my refined native northern accent, frequently in standard, unaccented RP.


As a highly versatile voice actor I've also given life to a multitude of characters in video games and animations, sometimes voicing several distinct characters and accents in the same production

Front of camera I've appeared in many TV Comedy shows including Channel4's The Last Leg, 
Complaints Welcome, BBC's The Michael McIntyre Chat show, ITV's The John Bishop Show, The Frankie Boyle Rehabilitation Program and many more... I'm described as experienced, humble, directable and eager

I'm also known for my viral video sketches on social media where I've amassed over 50,000,000 views under the user name  @CharacterVoiceovers


voice-actor professional credits

voice actor contact

Need voiceovers yesterday? I'm "old school" so you can call me, WhatsApp or txt me direct on my phone for instant service from my home studio 0776 777 1850

I can often ride to Soho voice-over studios for last-minute directed VOX sessions with less than an hours notice!

Need VO in a hurry but not yesterday?

 click to email me here


Thanks! I'll be in touch

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